Furnace Systems

Technology for industrial furnaces

Whether existing furnaces are modernized by retrofit or completely new furnace systems are be built, these procedures are carried out using process control systems such as Freelance or PCS7. This also includes the corresponding links to higher level 2 systems such as furnace management computers and material tracking systems.

We thoroughly overhaul or newly automate the following types of industrial furnaces:

  • Roller hearth furnaces
  • Continuous annealing furnace (continuous annealing)
  • Walking-beam furnaces
  • Rotary hearth furnaces
  • Pusher furnaces
  • Annealing hoods
  • Heating fire for crucibles and channels in the steel industry
Industrial furnaces

When retrofitting, existing furnaces are brought in line with the  state of the art using new developments and technological refinements. The safety standards are thereby improved and the respective industrial standards are attained, e.g. DIN EN 746. The gas input connectors for natural gas, coke oven gas, converter gas, CO gas, and inert gas are equipped with fail-safe controllers or with manufacturer-certified components (density control systems).

By retrofitting modern burner systems such as regenerative burners, recuperative burners, and FLOX burners, the exhaust gas and energy efficiency values are sustainably improved. Oven management computers and material tracking systems will be retrofitted by us if not already present.

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