Before the actual deployment of a new system, gefeba simulates the entire process in an in-house simulation center – to ensure error-free commissioning.

For absolutely smooth and trouble-free operation of a process control system right from the very start, gefeba tests the fully developed automation technology in its own simulation center prior to actual use. To do this, the technicians hook up PC-based simulation tools to the automation and control systems in order to supply them with process data that is identical to actual data. Circuits, interlocks, control units, and protective functions are thus subjected to optimum testing without actually applying loads to the mechanical plant components. During this testing gefeba uses the simulation process to train the operating personnel in working with the new system.

Simulation Center

All of this takes place in a separate building for test teams of up to 20 people. Fully equipped with SIMIT PCs, an extensive multimedia setup, and AC/DC motors, there is nothing lacking to successfully conduct a test run. The simulation software created by gefeba that is used replicates the behavior of the actuators (valves, motors, actuating drives, etc.) as well as the response behavior of the sensors with a high-quality accuracy. Complex correlations are simulated through mathematical modeling or non-linear behavior, e.g. via polygon courses. The control functions and visualization are tested on the actual control system with regard to their operability and completeness.

In times of ever shorter downtime periods for conversion, this is an unbeatable advantage.