At gefeba, quality is not something that is imposed but is instead something stemming from the wonderful combination of motivated employees, technical expertise, and sophisticated management systems.

Rigorous quality controls of all the materials used and the finished products, whether software or hardware, lead to a high level of quality.

ISO 9001:2008 and SCC certification

Considering our dedication to the principle of quality, achieving the necessary certifications is also a matter of course.

For gefeba, it is natural to offer customers only the best possible quality. This is our guiding principle, officially attested through both ISO 9001:2008 (a certified quality management system) and SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractor) certification. This means that gefeba meets the highest quality demands and additionally places great emphasis on (work) safety, health protection, and environmental protection. Corresponding courses and trained staff for special areas, such as working in a live electrical environment or with a gas hazard, further underscore the responsibility in these areas.

Comprehensive quality control and a fully-automated workflow in hardware manufacturing, as well as in the simulation test runs, ensure a safe and enduring service life for all gefeba systems.

Advanced education & training

gefeba is a traditional, family-run company that has placed great value on satisfied and well-trained employees since its founding in 1969.

And the satisfaction level is indeed high, which is also why the Gladbeck-based company can take pride in long-standing employee loyalty in many cases.  This typically starts as early as the apprenticeship training. The company’s apprenticeship program, certified by the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry), trains young employees in the following areas every year:

  • Technical Systems Planning for Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science/Applications Development
  • Computer Science/Systems Integration
  • Electrical Engineering for Operating Technology
  • Construction Mechanics for Precision Sheet Metal Working